Customers must be eighteen or older.  Your purchase of this service acknowledges that you have been informed and you acknowledge that you are eighteen or older.

These services are not mental health services. Purchase and participation of  services offered do not constitute in any manner a therapeutic relationship. By purchase of this service you are acknowledging that you understand that these are not mental health services and are in agreement that Laurie Coombs Inc. doing business as is not responsible for your mental health care and treatment. Your purchase also indicates your understanding and agreement that Laurie Coombs at holds no responsibility and is held harmless for your medical or mental health issues or needs, or for your actions. If you require assistance with medical or mental health issues please consult your healthcare professionals.

Purchase of my service acknowledges that you are participating in this service of your own free will and do not hold Laurie Coombs Inc. doing business as responsible for anything other than participating in the scheduled session with you. What you choose to do with the information provided during the session is your individual choice and responsibility. Your purchase of this service acknowledges your understanding and agreement that Laurie Coombs, Inc. doing business as is not responsible for any actions that you may take before, during or after your session.

Laurie Coombs will not participate in readings with anyone who discloses self harming thoughts or behavior or content which suggests harm to self, others or property. By purchase of this service you are acknowledging that you have been made aware of this policy, accept and are in agreement with this policy and are not experiencing self harming thoughts/behavior, not experiencing thoughts of harming others or property.

If at any point during a reading Laurie Coombs deems it necessary to end a session your money will be refunded.

Do not purchase this service if you are experiencing thoughts of self harm, harm to others or property. Contact your local mental health provider.

A reading does not tell you what your future will be. You create your future through your use of free will and how you chose to act, react and behave. Information that comes through during a reading simply helps to inform your understanding of your path and may include messages from lost loved ones, past life info, angels and guides or the animals you guardian. I do not control the information that comes through, I am simply a channel for communication which can connect you to the other side and higher realms. I do not remember the majority of the content of the reading as it does not come from my memory or experience.


Once details have been agreed upon, the number of people cannot be changed or the session will be cancelled.

I do not conduct emergency readings. Please be aware that upon making contact with me that it may take me several days to respond to your inquiry. I reserve the right to refuse to schedule or participate in any session at my own discretion. If this situation arises your money will be refunded in full.

Current/past members of my mental health practice are not able to participate in these services due to ethical and regulatory constaints.

All readings are scheduled in Eastern standard time. Readings are confidential.