Welcome to The Reading Room!

My name is Laurie Coombs and I am a medium, intuitive and animal communicator. My mediumship practice is part time. I work as a psychotherapist as my full time employment. I have helped thousands of people during their most vulnerable and intimate experiences.

When I’m not busy working people can usually find me walking with my dogs Ted and Claire, sipping coffee in the corner of a quiet coffee shop or staring at the novel I haven’t finished yet. I have published two books, The Medium Chronicles: Lessons in Social Work and the Afterlife and The Medium Chronicles, Vol. II, Past Lives, Healing and Things That Go Bump in the Night.

I am just starting a new project. I’m hosting a Podcast, Being Self and Spirit: Accessing your Inner Wisdom and Intuitive Voice. I hope you will join me.

I embrace the opportunity to connect you with loved ones who have passed over. I am here to help you learn more about spirit, your life purpose and meaning.  I have a down to earth, practical manner which helps put people at ease.

During the Covid 10 pandemic all readings are virtual or by phone.

Sessions must be paid in advance. Please review my disclaimer page before the purchase of any session.

You can find my books on Amazon.

I look forward to working with you or connecting via the Podcast!

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PLEASE NOTE: I am a clinical social worker and psychotherapist. My clinical practice of therapy and the spiritual practices outlined on this website and in my Podcast are separate and distinctly different. This website is not used for the purposes of contact or engagement related to my mental health practice. I am unable to engage in mediumship services with current and past members of my mental health practice due to the ethical and regulatory constraints of my professional social work code of ethics.

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